Internships in ABC Services :Policy

In line with our corporate community responsibility and our commitment to better education we entertain internships in a proactive and positive way.


  1. Period

 Internships for a period less than 3 months are not suitable for our complex business environment.  Only in exceptional cases we can help out an institution with which we enjoy an existing relationship.  In these cases the cost/value issue is enhanced by the strengthened relationship with this university or college. We can solve the training cost issue by combining two to four trainees in one program.


  1. Curriculum

Students should major in subjects which are relevant for our environment or for the specific project. (e.g. IT, Languages, Business Management, Marketing, China).


  1. Values

 The student should benefit from all 3 aspects, which we build into an internship:

·                     Practical work situation environment: The student will become an integrated member of the team and will share all responsibilities and privileges. We offer a real life platform where the student can practice, test and develop his team skills in a work environment.

·                     Knowledge application base: The student will be assigned to at least one main project, which is in line with his current skill set.  This will enable us to evaluate the usage of his academic competence and will give him feedback on possible adjustments to his future educational path. Optionally we will provide existing internal competences when the project requires more than a normal skill set.

·                     A weekly formal tutorial on selected business software applications or officing best practices will also be provided.  These sessions will be developed in accordance with the requirements of the main project.


  1. Expenses

The student "earns" the time, which the team will invest in coaching him, by producing added value to the company.  This quid pro quo method ensures a self regulating business model. 

·                     Starting from a six months' internship the company will pay the lodging fee at a student room.

·                     Lunches will be paid when receipts are provided by the student (3 € per working day).

·                     Should the trainee use his/her personal laptop (because ABC cannot provide one) they will receive a 25 €/month fee, or a pro rata for each working day, to cover insurance for theft and/or damages.

·                     For international trainees a one-time transport to and from the home country is paid by ABC.

·                     If the internship is longer than six months students will be entitled to an expense reimbursement of 900 €/ month from month 7 onwards.  These amounts are payable only to the organising party (AISEC or similar) and are not salary.

  1. Reporting


A team member will be assigned as internal coach.  The student will be briefed on the internship report details the first day of the internship.


  1. Confidentiality

ABC recognises that confidentiality is of the greatest importance both to its clients and to the company itself. Therefore the trainee agrees, by signing this policy, that he/she will only use all information received, both by ABC and clients, for the purpose for which it was given and that he/she will not share the information with anyone.


Please sign this document together with your name and the text “Read and agreed upon”.




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